Swift 3: Creating a custom edit button for UITableViewController

My brief was pretty simple for this Swift module: click on a row to view a member’s detail page. Click on the edit button beside a member to update data. Accessing the detail page turned out to be very straight forward using self.tableView.indexPathForSelectedRow!.row to select the relevant member from our entity. My difficulty arose when trying … Continued

Swift 3: Programming a simple stopwatch

For the last while, I have been extending my programming skill set by learning Swift. Swift is a programming language for MacOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS applications. As both a resource for myself and hopefully a resource for fellow programmers, I thought I might start publishing some of my early scratchings. I emphasise early! Don’t … Continued

New Artprint: Sunrise from Moturiki Island

You can buy this print at Artprints by Creative Digital. Using lens filters eg. polarising, neutral density, graduating etc, is quite a new addition to my arsenal of photographic styles. Up till now, the only filter I had in use was a UV filter, and that was simply to protect my lens from getting scratched. Lately, … Continued

Artprints by Creative Digital now available for purchase

Admittedly, this has been a long time coming! Much like a builder building his own home, or a web designer designing his own website (bit more relevant maybe) – creating an online space for years of photography has taken some time. We have selected several locations/collections to start with. Locations that have been wonderful to visit over … Continued

Artiflax Flax Flowers website build

Creative Digital were commissioned to rebuild the Artiflax website using the feature packed Opencart framework. Her existing website CMS was very hard to manage and not compatible with mobile devices. The brain child of Hamilton artist and business woman Sema Morris, Artiflax began producing flax bouquets in 2003 – originally as wedding flowers. Sema’s incredible … Continued