Photography has been a passion of Creative Digital’s Director, Mike Little, for more than 20 years. From his first point and shoot film camera purchased when leaving high school to the much loved Nikon D810 he now shoots with, photography has been a way to keep creative juices flowing while travelling, and also through any quiet times with work.


Product Photography

Good photography, specific to your subject, is incredibly important when selling your product or service online. A good product photo can reduce the time between conversions by reducing the need for a potential customer to ask questions of your offering. A good photo shows why your offering is better than the competition. Creative Digital can provide a cost-effective photography solution for your online business.


Travel Photography

Over the past year, Creative Digital created the website Little Fish. The idea was to initially create an outlet for Mike’s travel photography, but this has expanded somewhat to a fully-fledged travel blog. Take a look. We would love more contributors so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an adventure or interesting local product you would like to promote.