Linea Stone

Linea Stone required vehicle graphics for several new fleet vehicles. The layout was to include their new brand and contact details in a modern format that complimented the vehicles.

Aenspire Publishing

Creative Digital were commissioned by Aenspire Publishing to create a book cover for their latest publication – Destiny. We used a bold, flat design that should attract attention in what is generally a more subdued industry in terms of book/text design.

Fundraise Factory

Fundraise Factory required artwork of a hard-at-work mother feeling the pain of fundraising for her local school. We used a combination of 3D and Photoshop to create a set of still graphics that could be used in Social Media posts and video.

Fundraise Factory

Fundraise Factory required a unique and fun poster design to promote to their customers. This poster would be downloaded and printed by fundraising initiatives to mark the progress of funds raised. Using a combination of 3D and Photoshop, we created a high resolution piece of artwork that has now been downloaded by thousands of users.