Unfortunately there is not a lot of sexiness regarding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – hence the total lack of images on this page. However, in terms of tools to make your website succeed – SEO is a vital one.

Creative Digital are experienced in SEO and integrate a level of optimisation in all website builds we do. Developers will often dismiss SEO and leave it till the client comes back asking why their website is not being found in search engines. A prime example is poorly optimised website meta data. Have you ever visited a website, saved it to your bookmarks and noticed that that the title reads “Home Page” or worse yet “About Us”? This is extremely poor SEO and basically a lost opportunity for the web owner.¬†To put it in plain language, no one searches for the term “About us”. What they search for is what service or product you are offering.¬†Every page of your website includes areas that must be optimised in order to catch web traffic from search engines. From meta data to headings, SEO should be a key factor in your online marketing plan.


Advanced SEO Service

While we are able to supply an excellent level of SEO in our web builds, we also partner with a third-party SEO company that specialises specifically in this field. For existing website owners, they are able to provide a comprehensive audit of your website indicating what areas need to be looked at and provide an ongoing monthly service with reports tracking your increased visibility in search engines. Whether you are an existing or new website owner, ask us today if you wish for a non-obligation quotation for this advanced service.