Book Cover Design for Aenspire Publishing

Update: You can now purchase “Destiny” from Amazon, click here.

Since leaving the agency environment where I focussed more on quality control over a team of web and graphic designers, I have really enjoyed getting back to doing graphic design work alongside website design.

Destiny - Future of Real Estate Development
Destiny – Future of Real Estate Development

Aenspire have published several books now via the Amazon Self-publishing platform. For this book, “Destiny – Future of Real Estate Development”, they required a bold, modern cover design to stand out in what can be generalised as a subdued industry/subject.

Initially we proposed a 3D design, but settled on a flat theme with a bright palette.

We are really happy with the outcome and importantly, the client is too.

We would love to do more of this type of work so please contact us if you have a book project you need design for.

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