Electrify.nz website build

Creative Digital have just finished an ecommerce website for Electrify.nz.

From their website…

Electrify.nz was started with one mission in mind – to rapidly grow the number of people in Auckland and around New Zealand using electric bikes.

There are a huge number of options out there in the electric bike market and unfortunately a lot of it is very low quality product, but it’s very difficult for the average consumer to tell that – until they’ve bought it and start to experience problems.

Electrify.nz has made the buying process easier, by bringing several well-proven brands of top quality electric bikes under one roof. By using electrify.nz you know you’re dealing with top international brands backed by solid warranties. Whether it’s an e-bike for commuting, rail trails or an electric mountain bike, we have the product for you.

Opencart was chosen as the framework for this ecommerce build. As well as its vast array of features, we were able to build a customised booking engine which allows potential E-bike customers to book a test-ride before choosing to buy.

Electrify.nz website build

One of the features we love about Opencart is the customer friendly admin dashboard. So many ecommerce builds suffer because of the admin interface. Opencart provides an intuitive admin interface which allows for easy product, customer and order management.

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